The lesson I learned as an Intern

In my heart I knew I loved helping others heal and find joy. I become a psychotherapist to align my passion and my career.

One day as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern I woke up and realized I hated my job and doubted myself as a healer. I started thinking, "maybe I chose the wrong career; Maybe this isn't  for me."

I made two big assumptions and both were wrong (1) my lack of connection to my job meant I shouldn't be a therapist and (2) my inability to thrive as a healer was about my personal inadequacy.

Later I learned these beliefs were not only wrong but blocking my success.

I figured out that my community mental health job was not aligned with my passion. It didn't provide room for me to feel supported, safe and able to grow as a healer.  I was so thankful for this insight.

Along my path I noticed several amazing therapist give up hope. I watched colleagues quit without getting licensed. Some went into different professions and abandoned their dreams due to confusing their job misalignment as a sign they were not good therapists.  I struggled with this too.

I almost walked away from my heart's desire. I was fortunate to hear my intuition say, "this isn't the way it should be, this system is not for you."

Do you hear the same inner voice?  You are called to show up in your own special way to help the people that only your voice can speak to.  Every healer that walks away from the call is also walking away from the people waiting for their healing power.

We need your voice, we need your healing!

Your talents are so special they can only express through you, or not at all.  If you don't show up fully, the world misses out.  I miss out, and I ain't havin' it!  I want to live in a world where you give that special thing you were born to give.

I want to celebrate your genius in full bloom.


Your Outer World Reflects your Inner World.

Create a specific plan and adjust as needed to support your personal transformation. You deserve to...

• Know what makes you unique as a healer, so you can feel confident every day.
• Celebrate joy as you express your gifts and talents.
• Feel full of vibrant energy at work, so you can easily serve yourself and your clients.
• Experience an abundance of energy after your workday, allowing you connection time with yourself, family, and friends.

What are you celebrating?  What are you releasing?  What are you welcoming in?

Big Group of friends using cellphones in the street.

Over the past decade, Michelle Bee has been passionately teaching and providing mental health services in the Los Angeles area.

Michelle is a licensed psychotherapist, poet and the developer of Systems of Ease. In her role as a clinical supervisor, Michelle assisted in the development of specific strategies and systems to help new clinicians maintain self-care, build healthy boundaries, and develop an authentic therapeutic practice.

Michelle Bee has been recognized as a leading visionary within her community and a dynamic advocate of the healing arts, poetry therapy and EFT tapping.

Michelle’s professional background includes evidence-based research in mental health, chemical dependency and clinical best practices.

She specializes in the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational psychology, expressive art therapy, energy psychology, and spiritual psychology.

Michelle is an active member of the National Association of Poetry Therapy (NAPT), California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), and serves as Co-Chair on the Los Angeles CAMFT expressive arts committee. She has been published in the Museletter, the official NAPT newsletter, and the Los Angeles CAMFT newsletter supporting expressive arts in therapy.

Her poetry book, Searching for SHE in the Poet-Tree of Life, is schedule to be released in early 2018.

Clearing Your Pathway with Joy and Ease

Be Gentle. It’s a process. Everyone who learns something new goes through the same stages of learning. We cannot skip a step.