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Are your online offers converting like you want?
Your words need improved clarity so readers know what they'll get and there's no confusion, no space for unintended interpretations, yet entices them to claim the offer because they truly want what you're offering.

If your sales pages aren't converting, or your contact page is cricket-quiet, then maybe a copywriting audit is exactly what you're wanting.

Having crystal clear opt-in pages and positioning crafted to covert is crucial. And product/people positioning is my sweet spot...

To give a little perspective, I specialize in story-based sales pages and psychologically driven marketing campaigns. Writing the full integrated online content marketing system (sales page, opt-in, thank you, engagement campaign, welcome sequence) starts at $10,000.

This copywriting screen grab was part of a $2997 package, and these 3 homepage positioning paragraphs were 1/4 of that package... $750 for this section of the homepage or $250 per product paragraph. And he was able to recoup his investment (plus a 10x profit) with just one sale.