Breathe Some Life into your Next Event with Michelle Bee


Michelle will empower your audience to access mental health tools they can use right away. She brings systems, strategies and mindful support.  Some topics could be:

  • Living aligned
  • Feeling empowered
  • Having a voice
  • Seeing infinite possibility
  • Living life in a creative way
  • Waking up in joy
  • And more

Michelle is an expert in blending the science and art of mental health. She is know for helping other:

  • Deal with their inner critic
  • Master positive self-talk
  • Heal from past traumas
  • Create happy mind body experiences
  • Learn the science of manifestation
  • Discover skills for lifting your vibration

Available for a short guest speak, series, or all day facilitation

If you are interested in working with Michelle, or have her speak at your next online meeting or gathering, the best way to begin is by scheduling a time to chat.

2020-2021 Virtual Speaking Events

Speaking Events & Workshops

Giving Sorrow Words ~ January 16, 2021

Exploring Wholeness & Joy Through Community Connectedness ~ April 21, 2020

Discovering Wellness Practices to Reduce Anxiety & Stress ~ April 7, 2020

Personalized Empowerment During Times of Social Distancing ~ April 1, 2020

The Start Up Grind: The Opportunity to Reprioritize Wellness ~ March 30, 2020

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