Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost


 Searching for SHE (Soul's Highest Expression)

Searching for SHE offers an inside look at the poetic process as a tool for transmuting anger, worry, doubt, and fear into LOVE. This book explores human obstacles that block the natural flow of love. SHE is love. Love is all there is. Author, poet, and therapist Michelle Bee takes you on a journey from struggle to surrender.

In the Poet Tree of Life

SHE (soul’s highest expression) is a term I learned from Ellie Drake, founder of the Brave Heart Women Global Community. I realized I had been searching for SHE in my poetry. I broke down the word poetry into “poet tree” because poetry reminds me of trees.

Trees are the fundamental symbol of how to embody two worlds with strength and grace. They show us a world above ground, where there is light, and a world underground, where secret things are working in the deep darkness of the soil.

Both light and dark sustain the life of the tree. Osho, a profound mystic, shares that if the roots wanted to come into the light, the tree would die. The roots serve a purpose in the depth of the soil, nourishing the branches and leaves so they can flourish.

Our human incarnation is the same. We have light and darkness within us. We accept the light but often criticize and deny the dark. We are taught to value the light and detach from the dark. Our darkness is portrayed as negative, frightening and unsafe; yet there is a pull to examine the unseen forces that are underground. These forces are the underlying order of the universe.

When you accept yourself as a whole person, the light, dark, and infinite spectrum that exists beyond our understanding, you move into the energy of synergy. I love the word synergy! Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. This is the goal.

I write poetry to explore my parts and accept them so I can be whole. This process is a microcosm that will ripple into change for the macrocosm. When parts are denied, there is a hole; when parts are accepted, there is wholeness, and holiness. This is true for the self, the community, and the world. Poetry is a powerful tool for awakening to this truth.

From the Author:

My Romance with Poetry

My relationship to writing evokes a sense of true accomplishment and acceptance. It is a gift that brings me closer to my creative energy and also connects my inner and outer worlds. There are times I am in awe of this creative force being released from within me.

Over time I realized the liberation I felt when engaged in my creative process, I was hooked.

Life became all about the poetry: reading it, writing it, thinking it, and looking to experience it every day.

I remember feeling most peaceful when writing poetry or listening to music, so I would often blend my two passions together. This playful exploration offered me the opportunity to explore a co-creating process. A process based on passion that ignited sparks of inspiration. These sparks became more frequent when I honored them.

My inner sparks (voice) lead me to write and explore my ideas.

This inner self was a guidance system, showing me ways to acknowledge my whole self, giving all aspects and parts a way to be heard.

Best of all, poetry sets me free.

It allows me to gain a deeper understanding of my path; a path to learn, love, connect, create, and collaborate; a human journey to receive and release, like the breath I breathe, the breath we all breathe!

With love,
Michelle Bee


SHE Poetry Sessions

Poetry therapy is a form of expressive arts therapy. It involves the therapeutic use of poems, narratives, and other spoken or written media to promote well-being and healing. I offer a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which you are able to explore written expressions and emotional responses. I may use existing literature as part of the session or encourage you to produce your own writings. The goal is to collaborate with literature to explore and express deep-seated emotions.