You deserve to learn with joy and ease.

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Are you a trainee or intern who is...

  • Ready to receive personalized guidance as you learn to manage difficult clients, process personal responses, and integrate a solid self care routine that energizes you throughout you day.

  • Looking to learn the skills required to move forward in your clinical career with integrity and a strong sense of intention.

  • Excited about your future opportunities and ready to explore a creative business strategy.

  • Eager to join a supportive community to develop your unique clinical voice.

Work with Michelle Bee 

Individual Therapy • Poetic Process Groups • Individual & Group Clinical Supervision • Clinical Trainings & Workshops

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Individual Therapy

When we journey into the world of helping others to live healthy and happy lives it is critical that we model this ourselves.

A milestone on the road to clinical success self-esteem, self-awareness and a commitment to moment-by-moment self care.

Individual therapy is one way to step into a healthy self-care practice.

It would be my honor to support you on your journey.

Poetic Process Groups

Poets and philosophers have been aware of the curative and healing nature of poetry for millennia.

Long before there were social workers or other helping professionals, poets and storytellers helped people deal with their deepest fears by echoing the struggles of humanity in their poems, myths, and stories (Harrower, 1972).

Experience this creative process for yourself!


Individual & Group Clinical Supervision

Learn the process for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and client transitions. Receive feedback and ideas about how to ethically move forward with clients despite challenging worksites. Procedures for facilitating therapeutic groups. Explore your own history, beliefs, and concerns in order to understand how they may impact your clinical work.

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Clinical Trainings & Workshops

Documentation 101: Need a quick and easy introduction to clinical documentation for your practicum or internship.  Learn how to conduct a biopsychosocial assessment, a clinical treatment plan, progress notes, client letters, and other key documentation needed for your clinical practice.

Organization for Therapist: Organization for Work & Home to Shift Environments that Drain to Environments that Energize & Inspire. Learn the proven steps to Clear the Clutter, Organize the Flow and add your Unique Vibrant Signature of Joy to every space.

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It would be my joy to become part of your professional support system. I’m a practicing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. I have twelve years of clinical and educational experience. I have worked with diverse populations including birth through adulthood.  I am passionate about including the arts into supervision and the therapeutic process. I currently serve as the Expressive Arts Committee co-chair for the Los Angeles Marriage and Family Therapist Association.